What is in a service?

What's included in a main service?

  • Bike set-up to fit rider
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check and adjust gears
  • Check tyre pressures, tread wear and damage
  • Check wheels & hubs
  • True wheels on bike
  • Check headset for free moment and wear, adjust if necessary
  • Check for chain and drive-train wear
  • Clean & lubrication of drive-train (Chain, gears and associated components)
  • Clean & lubrication of brake & gear cables
  • Check torque of bike components
  • Road Test
  • Diagnostics check and advice on any further work required

What’s included in an overhaul service?

A main service plus:

  • Bike valet
  • Complete strip down, clean and re-greasing of components
  • Complete check on all components
  • Brake service, including inner and outer casing change (Cost of cables included)
  • Disc brake clean and adjust & bleed system (Fluid extra charge)
  • Gear cable change and re-tune (Cost of cables included)
  • Wheels tensioned and truedType your paragraph here.

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